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About Etta Worthington

A woman gears up for her 50th birthday plagued by memories of her 40th year in which she plummeted from confidence to despair during the course of the year, with the loss of two friends to cancer and her job to a Chapter 11 proceeding. The woman decides to make 50 positive and memorable by tackling 50 new things in her 50th year. These are not things she always wanted to do or that she thinks she must do before she dies. They were just things she has never done before.

What are the new things? They range from the most serious to the rather frivolous. They including roller blading, having a soul retrieval, selling peanuts at Wrigley Field, jet skiing, taking a sword play class, watching the mating dance of the sand hill crane, creating a Day of the Dead altar, riding in a limo, making a plaster face mask, and more.

50 at 50 is the documentation of that journey, and her post year reflections and discoveries. Starting out as a documentary about vitality, about getting out of a rut, 50 at 50 becomes more an entertaining exploration into change and facing fear. And the start of a new life for this woman.


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Produced, Written and Directed by Etta Worthington

Associate Producer: Ashley Simone

Graphics and Animation: Bryan McHenry

Editor: Sharon Zurek

Sound Design: Maya Kuper

Expanded crew credits





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